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A trip to Paratunskiye hot springs

Tour operates: July 1 – September 15
Duration: 4 hours
ostEURO for 1 person.

Some time ago Paratunka was the name of a tiny village, which appeared right by the hot springs. Today it’s a well known district of Kamchatka, where sanatoriums, vacation houses, recreation centers and swimming pools are located.. There is a good road to this place from Petropavlovsk-kamchatskiy, the buses run here regularly.Paratunka is a popular place of recreation for the city dwellers.

A few groups of hot springs are located along the valley of the Paratunka river. The Nizhne-paratunskiye springs are located right by the village Paratunka. The Sredne-paratunskiye springs are located in 6 km from them on an island, made up by the channels of the Right and Left Paratunka rivers, and the Verhne-Paratunskiye springs are located in 14 km from them.

All these hot springs appeared as a result of a break in the Earth crust, along which the valley of the Paratunka river is now situated. The break allowed the depth water to come out to the surface. As a result of the conducted drilling operations a vast hydrothermal pool was found at the depth of a few hundred meters. Sanatoriums and vacation houses are heated with the help of the underground hot springs. Utinoe (duck) lake is located lower than the Paratunka village. It contains the unlimited stores of healing mud. The waters of all Nizhne-paratunskiye springs flow through this lake, and the mineral substances, which they contain, are absorbed by the lake vegetation and microorganisms, which float down to the bottom as they die. Over the period of thousands of years they formed a thick layer of black medicinal mud.

Nizhne-Paratunskiye hot springs according to their chemical composition belong to the group of springs which are most popular not only in kamchatka, but also in the Far East. They are typical low-mineralized nitrogenous alkaline flinty therms with a temperature of 44ºС. Cilicic acid is one of the main active components.

The cost includes: transportation costs, services of a guide, and tickets to the pool.

This trip begins from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy

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